Boarding and Bathing

Guilt-Free Boarding and Bathing

Get Loving and Personable Care for Your Pet

At Northwest Animal Hospital, we are first and foremost animal lovers! When it comes to boarding, you can rest assured that we offer your best friend a place that was created to be comfortable and clean. 

Your pet will be able to roam free in our outdoor, fenced-in exercise pen, and your dog will be sleeping on fresh bedding daily.

We recommend bringing your pets' own food so they feel like they are being treated as close to the same as they are in their own home. This food also helps prevent any intestinal upset due to a change in diet.

Please feel free to bring any treats or chews they enjoy!
Preventive care

A Place Your Dog Can Play and Relax In

We know what dogs love! Your dog can play with other canine friends or roam around on its own and relax with one-on-one attention - whatever you feel would be best. We never combine playmates unless we absolutely know their history and that they love all other dogs!

Your buddy deserves to be pampered, too, so we keep our boarding facilities small enough to remain personal and family oriented.
Preventive care

Dog Bathing and Grooming Services

Even the most dedicated pet owners dread cleaning their furry friends, which is where we come in! Look no further for affectionate, gentle pet grooming for the conscientious pet owner. 

You can count on our experience working with dogs of every size and breed. We love to give baths and provide nail trims and ear cleaning with our baths. However, we do not do any special cuts. 

If mats need to be removed or your pet needs to be shaved down completely, we can provide this service. For any questions, please call us at 402-572-1280 or contact us.
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Locally owned and operated Northwest Animal Hospital has been in business for 42 years.
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