Increased Care for Your Senior Pet

Geriatric Care Keeps the Good Years Coming

As your pet ages, you will want to continue its basic adult care, but pay a little more attention to the ailments that come with the years.

Northwest Animal Hospital will help you and your pet enjoy many years to come!
Pet care

Close Attention to Your Pet's Health

  • Twice-yearly physical exams to enable early detection of illness
  • Periodic testing, such as bloodwork, urinalysis, and EKGs to check for early signs of illness
  • Weight loss, if needed
  • Pain medication for arthritis, if needed
Pet care

As-Needed Geriatric Examinations

As we focus on the problems of your senior companion, geriatric exams will be scheduled as needed. These exams may include diagnostic procedures such as lab work, EKGs, and x-rays. 

Our tests help us detect common geriatric conditions such as kidney failure, thyroid disorders, diabetes, anemia, and others. Early diagnosis and treatment can result in a longer, better quality life for your pet. 

We offer three levels of geriatric pet exams. Please call 402-572-1280 for details.
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