Pet Euthanasia

Compassionate Care for Dying Pets

Respectful Euthanasia Services

When the time comes to end your pet's life due to illness or an accident, you're going to face a difficult decision. Call Northwest Animal Hospital for a consultation where we will discuss your pet’s quality of life, how to manage symptoms, and how to achieve a peaceful end to your pet’s life.

Our experienced and compassionate staff will provide you and your pet with the support you need at this unfortunate time.
Pet services

Home Burial or Cremation Available

All euthanasia services are done with respect, compassion, and care. You choose whether to have your pet buried at home or cremated. 

Learn more about animal euthanasia concerns, and then call us at 402-572-1280 or visit us for more information.
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"I have never seen such a kind, caring, and warm group as is here at Northwest Animal Hospital. I recently had to put a beloved pet to rest, and the experience was amazing. He was comforted by the staff, made to relax to the point that he laid down on his pillow. The Dr. was so very kind and gentle..."

Jim Welsh, Facebook
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